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Main menu

Main Menu table of contents:



Top menu

Use top menu links for access to the [ Gallery ],
[ Glossary ], [ Download center ]

top menu



Compose your own report

To view selected, key contents of the report, click on the [ Compose your own report ] button in the lower left side menu on the main page of the report.

compose panel




Use the [ Tools ] panel to add or save pages viewed or to download report pages / files in the PDF or Excel format. The panel also includes information related to the contents of the page viewed, connecting to other pages of the report or to external Internet websites of the LOTOS Group.

user tools




To print a page of the report, click on the [ print ] icon in the right upper corner of the page viewed. An optimized printable page can be viewed in a preview window.

print icon

Before printing pages added to the [personal file library] you can sort using suitable commands (icons) up, down or remove.

personal file library window



Print Chart

To print an animated chart, click with the right mouse button on the chart viewed and select
the [ Print Chart ] option.

print chart




The [ Glossary ] contains explanations / definitions of trade-specific terms used in the report. To start the [Glossary] function, click on the icon glossary icon in the report.

glossary tip